zenyoga vjezbanje

Where and how to exercise

The beginner and advanced group currently have classes at Ilica 43 (building in the courtyard), Mondays and Thursdays (beginner group – from 7 till 8 p.m., advanced group – from 5,15 till 6,45 p.m.).

The recommended donation/membership fee for the 60-minute class is 40 euro (beginner group) and 46 euro for the 90-minute class (advanced group).  

The above-mentioned membership fees are valid for one month of classes.

The advanced members are a group of students that have been practicing for a longer period, but less experienced students can enroll as well, as can those who have experience in a different type of yoga. A certain exercise can be done at different complexity levels, so that both younger and older students get equal benefits.

Zenyoga is practiced barefoot, in comfortable clothes made from natural materials. An important element of exercise is silence. By adjusting our environment, we try to encourage turning our attention inward and create the necessary conditions for inner peace and relaxation.