zenyoga radionice


Besides our regular Zenyoga classes, occasionally, one-day workshops are held at the dojo, intended for those eager to deepen their practice, or for total beginners who have not yet had the chance to practice yoga. It is an excellent opportunity to shake up our daily routine, refresh our mind and relax in great company as well as learn something new that can enrich and improve our quality of life.

The one-day workshop program usually includes a lecture on the topic being covered, blocks of exercise, massage, and seated meditation.

Free beginner workshop


On Sunday, January 7, at Ilica 43, there will be a workshop simply called “Introduction to Zenyoga”. If you were thinking about trying yoga, wondering what it is even about or whether it is worth the hassle, come to this free workshop meant for all intenders, beginners and those who feel like it and find out.

The workshop lasts from 10 a.m. till 1 p.m., and the program includes a lecture and an exercise experience appropriate for any student’s skill level.