Zenyoga Dojo vjezbanje

Zenyoga dojo

Zenyoga is a special form of yoga aligned with the practice of Chan, because of this, it is called meditation in movement. It is the oldest school of yoga in Croatia and has been practiced and taught for over forty years! In Zenyoga we try to balance and get the three aspects of our being in order – body, breath, and mind. Zenyoga firstly affects the body by developing endurance, flexibility, relaxation, strength, balance and by improving the flow of vital energy through the body. Secondly, it affects our breath because learning proper breathing techniques and balancing our breathing with our movement helps us change the quality of our breath, which directly affects the state of our body and mind, bringing us straight into the experience of the present moment.

zenyoga besplatna radionica

Beginner workshop

On Sunday, April 7, at Ilica 43, there will be a workshop simply called “Introduction to Zenyoga”. If you were thinking about trying yoga, wondering what it is even about, or whether it is worth the hassle, come to this workshop meant for all intenders, beginners, and those who feel like it and find out. 

The workshop lasts from 10 a.m. till 1 p.m., and the program includes a lecture and an exercise experience appropriate for any student’s skill level.

zenyoga vjezbanje nova sezona

New season of classes 2023/2024

As the summer draws to a close, the days get shorter, and the first fallen leaves announce another change. We say goodbye to the blue skies and the sea, as well as golden sunsets, but reminiscing about the summer that has passed yet again transitions into joyful excitement for a reunion, or the new season of classes in our favorite skill!

Starting September 4th, we begin our regular classes! Fill out our application and come to a free Zenyoga tryout class. The direct experience of exercise will tell you a lot more than its best description could. You can try the beginner or advanced group.