About the teacher

Koraljka Milanja is a certified Zenyoga teacher who learned about meditation from Karmen Mihalinec and Žarko Andričević at the two-year school registered in the Yoga Alliance lasting 500 hours. She has been doing Zenyoga for nineteen years, and teaching for fourteen years. She is one of the founders and teachers at the Zenyoga center in Zagreb (from 2014 to 2019), where she has taught classes of varying proficiency levels, and currently teaches regularly in Zagreb at Ilica 43. She occasionally holds one-day workshops and is a regular participant at multiday meditation retreats. Besides Zenyoga school, she completed aromatherapy school where she learned classic and aroma massage. She also completed a course in Thai massage. Guided by the thoughts of Shonry Suzuki: “A beginner’s mind holds many possibilities, while the mind of the proficient and knowledgeable holds only a few”, Koraljka attempts to teach her classes with openness and curiosity, bringing freshness into every class, trying to motivate her students to discover and explore yoga’s true potential and transfer its benefits into their everyday life.

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